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Dust cap applicator


Dust caps are used quite often on drums to close them during transport. The main reason is to avoid that foreign particles like dust, insects, etc enter the packaging.

The dust cap is mostly a thermoformed cap. The dust cap applicator inserts this cap into the neck of the container. It does this immediately after the leak testing on the blowing line to avoid contamination.
Finally, the machine removes the caps on the filling line, just before filling the bottles/drums.

Cap design

The cap design is very important and will make the difference during production:

  • The cap should be stackable with a little tension. But not too much tension either, because this would lead to jams and stoppages in the dust cap applicator.
  • For this reason, it is better to make the caps in the same colour. This is because different colours have different shrinkages, resulting in different tolerances.
  • We advise to make them thermoformed, but some customers make them by injection moulding.


Machine design

The dust cap applicator has 6 cartridges holding the caps. You can can easily place or remove these cartridges manually.
They can contain up to 50-100 caps each, depending on the design. As a result, operators don’t need to go to the machine too often to recharge the caps. Thus, saving on labour.
Just like our handle applicators, this machine has a detection system to check if the dust cap is present. If not, it will reject the bottle/drum or will trigger an alarm.
This dust cap applicator is fairly compact and always up to date with the latest safety standards. As standard with Delta Engineering products, it uses the appropriate performance levels.


  • Compact machine
  • Reasonable operator intervention time
  • Rigid construction
  • Flexible in accepting different cap designs & sizes
  • Quick changeover



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