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Full height tray warehouse


As speeds of machines go up, there is a need for the downstream to follow, reducing labor cost.
Therefore, the main purpose of this tray warehouse is to store trays, 24 pieces maximum, with a maximum height of 130 mm.
Moreover, the DTM212 is fully guarded, which ensures operator safety!

Using trays is still the most frequently used way to automate and reduce the operator intervention time. This tray warehouse allows you to feed in 24 trays, which can be fed into the palletizer one by one. As a result, you can maximize the time spans between two interventions of the operator.

Moreover, the trays are stored mechanically separated, to ensure feeding in one at a time only. It drops and releases the tray on 2 outfeed belts, towards the palletizer. After all, sticking is a common problem when using trays. This can have different reasons, like humidity from cleaning, dirt, design failures, static charges…

Furthermore, this tray warehouse has a centering system as well.

This is a simple and economical version up to medium-high speeds.

In addition, you can place the DTM212 in cascade, using several units to select from different trays or increasing operator changeover time.

Optionally, you can use this tray warehouse to feed top frames as well. In this way, it will feed out the frame towards a palletizer or robotic stacker.

Avoid design mistakes!
Please reach out to our specialists so we can help you with your project from the early start of the design phase.
Because often, trays are wrongly designed, which has an impact on cost & line efficiency.

The machine

  • Can handle trays and top frames from 800 mm (36”) to 1420 mm (56”) in all directions
  • Has a centering system
  • Avoids sticking by design
  • Compact footprint
  • Easily adjustable thanks to the big entry doors on both sides of the tray warehouse
  • Integrated in lines or stand alone
  • Can be placed in cascade
  • Use the full height of you factory!



Simple, compact tray warehouse: DTM200
Modular rotary palletizing and depalletizing component: DP410
Modular linear palletizing and depalletizing component: DP420


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