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Sheet placer


At Delta Engineering, our policy is to create standard machines for different applications, adapted to the blow moulding machines and the market.
However, today’s market requires more and more special solutions, as speeds go up, with a high level of customerisation.
For this reason, we have developed a range of automation components, which allow us to serve the needs of our customers. Our DP402, for example, which is a sheet placer.


This modular & flexible concept belongs to our range of modular components which you can use in your palletizing, depalletizing and buffering lines. To illustrate, you can surround them with a complete range of equipment: safety fencing, automatic pallet transport, pallet dispensers, tray former, tray warehouses… So you can build any application you need!

The machine

The DP402 is a sheet placer with 2 positions:

  • One stacking position
  • One grabbing position

More specifically, it can palletize, depalletize and buffer flat sheets, top frames, trays, hoods, pallets, etc.

In fact, the DP402 is the same as our DP405, but the only difference is that the DP402 has no high-speed servo drive. However, the DP402 is very suitable for normal lines (at low to normal speeds). For high-speed lines, on the other hand, we advise to use our DP405 high-performance sheet placer.

Furthermore, this unit is controlled by a special modular control system, where all components can be brought together and configured.

Moreover, it is a full height sheet placing unit: 3500 mm max.

Besides, we can offer a wide range of grippers: suction cup gripper, vacuum gripper…


  • Scalable, flexible design
  • Graphical user interface with touch screen and recipes for easy setup
  • Palletizing & depalletizing mode



Sheet placer: DP401 (low height, low speed), DP405 (full height, high speed)
Modular palletizing component for low height bagged bottles: DP409
Modular rotary palletizing and depalletizing component: DP410
and Modular linear palletizing and depalletizing component: DP420


Fully automatic bagging machine: DB100, DB112, DB122, DB142, DB222
Collecting table: VZT252, VZT253
Tray warehouse: DTM200, DTM200
Roller conveyor: CR1240
Pallet dispenser: DPD250
Full automatic buffer unit: DBT232
Debuffering unit: DEP232
Automatic tray former: DKP200


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