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Preform spray coater



Whereas the bottle spray coater (DSC100, DSC200) coats the bottle directly, the preform spray coater (DSC054) coats the preforms by spraying them in the infeed bin of the preforms.

This can be done on different locations:

In the injection process:

As the preforms are falling into the preform bin, the spray coater sprays a shot in the bin. The amount of product and frequency of the shots are adjustable.

During the bin filling:

When buying preforms externally, you can mount the unit on the preform bin. When the preforms are tipped into the bin, we give a couple of shots during this process. Again configurable in time and quantity.

The downside of this system, however, is that the product can and will go on the inside of the preform and it should be 100% food grade.
Therefore, we at Delta Engineering are not advising this technology, especially for food & pharma applications.

The machine

This unit is a 4-head preform spray coater, mounted over the infeed bin of the preforms. It sprays the preforms as they are falling into the preform bin.

We are advising the chemical product of Chemtrend: Lusin Lub O34F. We developed this product together with Chemtrend. Our cooperation with them (Chemtrend on the chemistry side, we on the machinery side) was very successful!
This product is sold with our machines and is designed using the latest standards in food safety.
Optionally, we also have an extraction hood to extract all particles, with a blowoff outside or with a carbon filter cartridge to capture them.
Please read our article importance of fume extraction.



  • Resolves all sticking issues on the filling lines.
  • Easy setup and short change-over times thanks to the recipes
  • Small footprint
  • Low cost



Bottle spray coater: DSC100, DSC200


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