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Pallet unloading system


Tumble packing is a common way of bottle packing for inhouse blow molding operations, especially in the cosmetics & household industry. In tumble packing, bottles are scrambled freely into a box, bin or silo. This way of packing is mainly suitable for smaller products, up to approximately 1,5 L. After all, bigger volumes risk a lot of physical denting, because of the pressure that the bottles on top exert on the underlying ones. Additionally, you should also be careful when it comes to thermal deformation. This is due to warm (hot) areas of the bottle, typically the neck area, touching other bottle areas, often the panel area. As a result, the heat of the neck area radiates on the flat side of the panels, causing them to shrink differently. This causes that area to deform. We have specific solutions to solve both the compression and thermal deformation issue.

Silos are often used to store bottles. If you are not using our flexible silos with base unloading (DFS150), then you can use the DEP100. So you can use it for our flexible silos with top unloading DFS010 and DFS100.
This pallet unloading system tips the box or silo into the bin of an unscrambler.

The machine

Firstly, a silo or box is placed into the DEP100. Then, the pallet unloading system grabs the base of the box (pallet) before the tipping cycle starts.
Moreover, the tipping is photocell controlled so that the bottles are gradually fed into the bin.

Optionally, clamps are available to hold the trays, avoiding them to tip into the unscrambler bin.
Finally, at the end of the cycle, the pallet and the trays remain on the infeed position, ready for removal.



  • Avoids operator handling of the tray, so you save on labour
  • This pallet unloading system also avoids fallen bottles
  • Handles all kind of trays, even big bags



Flexible silo – full height – top outlet: DFS100
Flexible silo – half height – top outlet: DFS010


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