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Compact Micro CT system



Microtomography is a technique that has been used for a long time already in the medical world, which most of us have encountered already in the hospital: CT scanning.

But did you know that you can use the same technique for bottles as well? Delta Engineering is now making this technology affordable for the blow moulding industry:

Microtomography allows you to:

  • Generate 3D drawings of products – ‘As is’: with all their characteristics and possible flaws.
    In the near future, we will offer online services to calculate top load, volume, oxygen & CO2 barrier, etc (in an online platform). Moreover, it will be possible to use these data in process simulations, feeding back ‘big data’ to simulation systems.
  • Inspect for quality problems: for example, determining how much barrier material is present in a preform
    (see picture on the right)
  • Improve your product analysis: for example, for weight reduction
    CT scans quality inspection
  • Look into the product: for example, to detect assembly issues:
    • Is the cap closing everywhere?
    • Detect internal leakage in pumping systems
  • And many more!


The machine

The DXR100 is a compact high-performance micro CT system that collects complex internal and external geometry data.

This CT scanner visualizes the complete bottle with extreme precision.
As a result, you can do a fully automated quality inspection, measuring thickness, inclusions, presence of layers, etc.

Advantages of this affordable high-performance CT system:

  • High resolution
  • Large scanning volume
  • Powerful acquisition & reconstruction software

Moreover, it is easy to install, operate and maintain:

  • Small footprint
  • Mostly sealed generators
So how does this work exactly?
The CT system uses X rays to beam through an object onto a receptor plate. By doing so, it generates a picture.
It takes multiple pictures while the object is turning around. As a result, the pictures are processed into a 3D model. On this 3D model, several structural analyses and measurements can be made as well as optional CAD model export.


High performance versatile Micro & Nano CT System: DXR110
Top performance large Micro & Nano CT System: DXR120


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