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High voltage leak tester – 1 head

High voltage leak tester for the leak testing of micro cracks in the gate area of PET bottles.


The bottles are running into the machine on a conveyor belt. When the bottle reaches the test position photocell, the bottle stops and is grabbed by the neck.
Once in position, the test rod lowers into the bottle. When the test rod is down, we apply the testing voltage between the base and the inside of the bottle, starting the test cycle.
After the leak test, the head goes up and the bottle is conveyed further on the conveyor. If there is a crack detected in the gate area, the bottle will be rejected immediately.


  • The machine has a short change-over time. Parameters can be loaded from recipes.
  • Designed for big products 1-30L PET bottles, speeds up to 800-1000 BPH.
  • The modularity of the machine enables you to go to high speeds within the same product family. This reduces the cost of ownership in spare parts and training of the operators, the benefits from standardisation @ Delta Engineering through the different equipments.
  • Multiple doors: easily accessible, less space needed on the product floor.
Leak tester for bottles: UDK050, UDK055, UDK250, UDK310, UDK341
Leak tester for bottles – high speed: UDK351, UDK352, UDK353, UDK354
Leak tester for drums: UDK060
Leak tester for IBC: UDK500
High-voltage leak tester for PET bottles: UDK451, UDK452, UDK453, UDK454
Rotary leak tester: UDK616
Built-in leak tester for bottles: ODK050, ODK250, ODK310
Built-in leak tester for IBC: ODK500
How many bottles per hour can I test? Please check out our leak test calculator
How accurately can I test?

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