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DSC100 - Bottle spray-coater

High speed bottle spray coater

This spray coater puts an anti-static coating on PET bottles, to avoid problems on the filling and packaging lines.


Filling lines often suffer from a lot of downtime. The reason for this is that the filling line is created out of multiple machines, each with its own sensitivities.

One of the main problems is bottle jamming & scuffing.
Especially since the movement from glass to PET, this occurs more and more.
Unscramblers in particular are sensitive to this. Bottles often jam in the infeed bin due to the stickiness of PET, PP

For this reason, we developed a new spraying technology about 15 years ago. At that time, it was quite often used in the USA, as speeds are usually higher there because of the market.
Spraying technologies back then had many downsides: spraying large particles, contamination of the conveyor (and factory), as well as the chemistry of the used product.

To develop this spray coater, we decided to partner up with Chemtrend on the chemistry side – we on the machinery side.
This tandem worked out very well. After more than 15 years, we can proudly say we have created a perfect solution, approved by the main players, L’Oreal being the leading one.


This spray coater is built up like a spray booth. This technology was available at our sister company Delta Application Technics, which helped us to develop this machine.

A specially designed conveyor grabs bottles by the neck. The design prevents particles from falling into the bottle, to avoid any contamination inside the bottles. The conveyor separates the bottles as well, so it is easier to spray them. We have different spray gun set-ups available, depending on the bottles that need coating.

This concept allows you to have extremely low product usage as well as no factory contamination. The cabinet is completely in underpressure, so no particles can escape into the factory.
After all, it is well-known that small particles are presumably carcinogenic. See our article on the importance of fume extraction.

The machine

The high speed spray coater DSC200 is the DSC100’s big brother. Whereas the DSC100 is capable of going up to 7.000-10.000 BPH, the DSC200 can reach speeds of +26.000 BPH.
We developed the product together with Chemtrend: lusinO34F. This product is sold with our machines and is designed using the latest standards in food safety. You can use other chemicals, but they are subject to a validation process.


  • Resolves all sticking issues on the filling lines
  • Heavily reduces scuffing
  • Improved brightness
  • Resolves shrink sleeve label application (reducing friction between the label & bottle)
  • Reduces the dust attraction to the bottles



Bottle spray coater: DSC100
Preform spray coater: DSC054


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