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Cooling & buffer table

The DCT212 is a cooling & buffer table for two-sided operation. It cools and buffers accumulating square or rectangular bottles on a buffer conveyor which is 1200 mm wide and has a 4000 mm buffer length.


Buffering / cooling is very important to have a highly efficient packaging line. The need is increasing with today’s increasing speeds of packaging lines.

This cooling & buffer table makes the line immune to micro stops and operator response times. As a result, you increase line efficiency.

You can use it to avoid stoppages in front of trimming machines or labellers (when changing the label rolls), and to resolve cooling issues (bubbles on labels…).


The machine

  • The cooling & buffer table is for stable, accumulable bottles only.
  • Its buffer conveyor is 1200 mm wide and 4000 mm long.
  • It functions according to the FIFO concept (first in, first out).
  • Typically, it is used in blow moulding, as well as between blow moulding and filling lines.
  • Because of the control system, the DCT212 can work as a cooling & buffer table, switching to it when needed.
  • Additionally, it is available with adjustable guiding and top covers to ensure bottle integrity.

So how does it work?

Firstly, the bottles are fed in on a conveyor. Then, it accumulates and pushes them on an accumulation belt. You can use the belt gradually between having enough buffer or cooling time, by adjusting the gaps/free space between the rows on the belt. Finally, on the exit, it accumulates and pushes the bottles onto the exit belt.
Besides, the machine can have a bypass conveyor.

This cooling & buffer table is a stand-alone machine.

Applications can be:

  • Avoiding shrinkage bubbles on labels by cooling the bottles first.
  • Extra buffer in front of labeling machines to cope with the roll changeover, avoiding line stops.
  • Avoid micro stops on downstream equipment.



  • Buffer system
  • Compact footprint
  • Flexible cooling / buffer system
  • Short downtimes of other equipment will not affect the production speed. This results in increased line OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness!
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Has a short changeover time thanks to recipes.



Cooling & buffer table – for two-sided operation: DCT213


Buffer table – fully automatic: DBT232
Buffer conveyor: DBC202


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