Checking cap tolerances in Extrusion Blow Molding : Leak testing

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Checking neck calibration issues in extrusion blow molding can be easily done with our DVT100. Instead of filling bottles with water and inverting them, and then waiting for several hours to see if a water leak on the neck appears, the DVT100 is a better alternative.
The cap leak test can be done in a very simple way.

The products are filled with (colored) water , and placed in the DVT100 vacuum chamber.

The DVT100 will evacuate the air till 100-200mbar absolute pressure ( adjustable ) .

This will result basically immediately in leakers, as the DVT100 extracts the air nearly immediately.
In this way you can detect problems more rapidly, avoiding material / efficiency losses in production.

The machine is very economic, budget around 2500€

The DVT100 is equipped with an energy saving system. It uses compressed air to create the vacuum.
But as soon as the desired vacuum is achieved, the air consumption stops !

This makes it very easy in production, and operator safe, no electricity while messing around with water.

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