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Bottle unloading bin


Normal bottle unloading bins are mostly dedicated for a specific range of bottles, like 2-10L, 50-200 ml, etc.
When we first designed the flex pickers, we encountered this issue, as our target for the flex pickers was to create a “one serves all” for the market, ranging from small bottles to 5L drums.
Therefore, we decided to create one of our own: the DBL110.

The machine

This bottle unloading bin feeds bottles gradually to the infeed of an unscrambler.

After all, unscramblers are highly sensitive to bottle jamming on the infeed: When too many bottles arrive at the same time, it often results in jamming, scratched bottles…
However, the DBL110 resolves this problem: the operators can easily empty bags, trays and pallets with bottles into the 2 m³ bin. Then, the bottles are gradually unloaded to feed an unscrambler. As a result, you avoid bottle jams!

Because the bin has an adjustable slope, it is suitable for a wide range of bottles. Whereas standard bottle bins are only for a specific bottle range.

Moreover, the infeed bin had Kevlar reinforced straps to avoid bottle deformation.

The design is in such way that that bottles are emptied completely.

Dust cover optional.


  • This bottle unloading bin is a very flexible machine allowing a wide range of products.
  • Fast changeover times
  • Reduces the manual labour resulting in a short return on investment
  • Latest safety performance levels integrated

Standard features and options

Standard features include:

  • Rugged machine with a powder coated steel frame
  • Parts in contact with bottles: stainless steel
  • Adaptable for a range of different bottle dimensions
  • Graphical user interface with touch screen and recipes for easy setup


  • Roof


Bottle picker (flex picker): DBP101, DBP102


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